"We’re looking to improve the quality of employees’ work experiences in the moments that matter the most. It is about being deliberate in the experiences we curate and the conditions we cultivate for our employees. This helps guide our work as partners and within our organizational development team."

Cristina Rivard, Tiffany Hamilton and Liz Eisenberg

Senior Director, People Sr. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager, Manager, Employee Experience

TrueCar, Inc.

Describe the synergy between DEI and Employee Experience at TrueCar?

How did you start preparing for the beta launch of your ERG program?

TrueCar has prioritized cultivating inclusive and meaningful experiences through history & heritage month celebrations. What did those experiences look like in practice? 

History & Heritage Months have been an opportunity to create open dialogue and connection and collaboration across the organization. We recently had a kick-off meeting with the Black History Month planning committee, and as part of our introductions, we asked employees to share why they wanted to join the committee. Some of the responses included: 

While the People Team helped facilitate programs and events throughout the year, we don’t own them. The programming and success of these History & Heritage Months result from employees stepping up, giving their time, doing research, being vulnerable, sharing their stories, and co-creating experiences so we can all learn, grow and support one another. 

How are you measuring the success of these experiences through employee engagement or participation? 

Can you share some examples of how TrueCar has leaned into hard conversations and build inclusive skills with the team? 

How are you incorporating employee feedback into the formation of these inaugural ERGs? 

What advice do you have for folks looking to start or lead an ERG within their organization?

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

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