Empowering Employees to Provide Feedback

"AllVoices has given us a platform to ensure that we live up to our aspiration to address challenges and find pathways to resolution."
Dan Spaulding
Chief People Officer
The Problem

Zillow needed an anonymous forum for employees to share feedback, concerns, or questions to keep a line of sight into employee culture.

The Solution

Zillow’s AllVoices solution includes Anonymous and Non-Anonymous Reporting which offers a unique link for employees so they can feel secure when providing feedback. They also created customizations for departments and locations based on their unique needs.

The Results

With AllVoices, Zillow is addressing challenges and finding pathways to resolution. AllVoices allows Zillow employees to provide feedback directly to leadership in a safe and secure way, which helps the whole organization to live up to their core values - particularly the value of “Include and Empower.”

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