Episode 5

Empowering Employees with Dan Spaulding

About the episode
In this episode of Reimagining Company Culture we’re chatting with Dan Spaulding, Chief People Officer of Zillow Group. Dan leads Zillow Group’s people operations, focusing on creating solutions and programs to inspire their talented employees nationwide. Tune in to learn about Dan’s thoughts on differentiating company culture, measuring the effectiveness of a DEI strategy, the future of work and more!
About the guest
As Chief People Officer of Zillow Group, Dan leads the company’s people operations, including human resources, recruiting, equity & belonging, learning & development, and facilities teams. He focuses on creating solutions and programs to attract, engage, develop and inspire Zillow Group’s talented employees across its offices nationwide. Prior to joining Zillow Group, Dan was vice president of U.S. Stores and Operations and Human Resources for Starbucks, where his team drove support and strategy for over 8,000 stores and 140,000 employees nationwide. Before Starbucks, Dan held various leadership roles on human resources teams at Life Technologies and Dell, Inc. Dan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History from Knox College and currently serves on its Board of Trustees. He also earned a Master of Science in Human Resources and Industrial and Labor Relations from the University of Illinois.
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