BambooHR Integration Guide

As part of the onboarding process, AllVoices will help facilitate a connection between your BambooHR and AllVoices admin environments.

BambooHR Integration Guide

In order to enable your BambooHR integration you will create a custom report in BambooHR. To complete the configuration we will need: 

● Your company’s BambooHR subdomain 

● The custom report ID 

● A BambooHR API Key 

Please see this short video tutorial on how to configure the BambooHR x AllVoices integration: 

Click to view instructional video tutorial ⥢ 

STEP 1: Create a custom report for AllVoices in BambooHR 

In order to enable your BambooHR integration you will need to first create a custom report in BambooHR according to the specifications below: 

Business-specific data format requirements: 

The below columns marked *Required (Name, Email) must always appear in the BambooHR custom report and must contain values. The fields marked as *Optional are suggested fields and are not required. If you would like to include any of the optional fields please name the headers exactly as shown below (the headers are case sensitive). Include only active employees in the report

Name: A person's full name, starting with the birth name, following with any middle names, and ending with surnames (*Required) 

Email: A person's email address (*Required) 

Phone: A person’s phone number (*Optional) 

Location: Location at which the person works (*Optional) 

Department: The current department to which the person belongs (ie. "Human Resources", "Engineering", "Design" etc.) (*Optional) 

Occupation: A person’s current occupation (ie. “Project manager”, “developer” etc.) (*Optional) 

Manager: This person’s manager (*Optional) 

Please note: 

● Last Name, First Name: When you first create a report it will automatically include the “Last Name, First Name” field. You must remove this field in favor of using the ‘First, Name, Last’ and renaming it simply “Name”.

The custom report may also contain other additional custom columns. We will assign this extra information to that person and it will be visible on the employee profile view and at the report/case level. These additional column headers will be 

used on the employee profile view to describe the value - preferably the header names are spelled out, so instead of using costcenter, prefer Cost Center etc. 

STEP 2: Locate the custom Report ID, your company’s BambooHR Subdomain and BambooHR API Key 

1. Report ID: 

To set up your AllVoices integration, you’ll need the report identifier for your custom BambooHR report. This can be found by accessing your custom report as normal. In your browser location bar you'll see something like 

The Report ID number in this example is the 102 at the end. 

2. BambooHR Subdomain: 

Your company’s BambooHR subdomain is the first part of your BambooHR url. You’ll see something like: 

The subdomain in this example is allvoicesdemo1 but yours will be unique to your company. 

3. BambooHR API Key: 

In your BambooHR dashboard navigate to API Keys -> +Add new key -> Name the api key -> press ‘Generate key’ 

Copy this key

STEP 3: Configure BambooHR in AllVoices Dashboard 

Please have your AllVoices Administrative Owner configure the BambooHR integration in the Settings tab of their dashboard. This setting is only available in the account owner’s dashboard. They will need all the information gathered in step 2 (above): 

● BambooHR custom report ID 

● BambooHR subdomain, 

● BambooHR api key. 

To configure: 

● Visit ‘Settings’ -> ‘HRIS integration’ -> Select ‘BambooHR’ 

● Enter the BambooHR Company Subdomain, API Key, Report ID and enter an email address you would like to notify if the connection fails or is lost at any time.

● Press SAVE 

● If HRIS connection is successful you will see the last time the connection was synced. 

If the HRIS connection fails you will see this screen and can troubleshoot by clicking on ‘View errors’. 

Once the connection is successful, we automatically sync your HRIS data every 24 hours. 

If at any point your connection fails we send an email notification to the email address provided and the AllVoices Administrative Owner. We will then attempt to sync the data every hour for the next three consecutive hours. If the connection fails

all three times consecutively we will automatically disable your HRIS connection and it will need to be re-enabled by your company’s AllVoices Administrative Owner.

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