Workday Integration Guide

As part of the onboarding process, AllVoices will help facilitate a connection between your Workday and AllVoices admin environments.

Workday Integration Guide

In order to enable your Workday integration you will need the following from AllVoices:  

  • HTTP Address
  • AllVoices company domain name

Create Workday Custom Report

Before setting up the integration, you will need to create a custom Workday report using the below information. For ease of use, please name the report “AllVoices Employee Data Feed”

Basic Requirements 

  1. Create a file with user information in .csv (standard UTF-8 encoding) according to the file format requirements below
  2. Schedule regular file exports to our SFTP server (we recommend daily, after work hours)

General CSV file format requirements

  • All values must be either comma-separated or semicolon-separated (other characters are not supported)
  • All values must be double-quoted (")
  • In case a double-quote character appears as a value, it must be escaped with another double-quote
  • The file must be UTF-8 encoded
  • The first row in the CSV file must be a header row

Business-specific data format requirements

Please note the * denotes a required field.

  • *EmployeeID: a unique identifier that clearly and uniquely identifies a person. This ID must never change for a given person, regardless of their current occupation, department, current name etc., nor should it ever be re-used for a different person. We will use this value to keep track of the same employee over time
  • *Name: A person's full name, starting with the birth name, following with any middle names, and ending with surnames 
  • *Email: A person's email address
  • Phone: A person’s phone number 
  • Location: Location at which the person works 
  • Department: The current department to which the person belongs (ie. "Human Resources", "Engineering", "Design" etc.) 
  • Occupation: A person’s current occupation (ie. “Project manager”, “developer” etc.) 
  • ManagerID: The unique identifier (EmployeeID) of this person’s manager

Note: Include only active employees in the CSV file.

Once your custom report has been created, please move on to the next section.

Create Outbound EIB

  1. The Workday, type in Create EIB in the search field
  2. Type in AllVoices Outbound and select Outbound
  3. Click OK to continue
  4. In General Settings, input AllVoices as both the Name and ID. Click Next
  5. In Get Data, select Custom Report from the Data Source Type dropdown.
  1. For Custom Report, select the AllVoices Employee Data Feed report you created above
  2. Select CSV from the Alternate Output Format dropdown
  3. Click Next
  1. In Transform, select None from the Transformation Type dropdown. Click Next
  2. In Deliver, input the following configurations:
  1. Delivery Method: HTTP/SSL
  2. HTTPS Address: Input the HTTP address provided to you by AllVoices
  3. Web Service Invocation Type: Basic Auth 
  4. User ID: Input your company domain name found in your AllVoices company URL
  1. Example:
  1. New Password: Input a complex password of your choice. For troubleshooting purposes, please safely store this password.
  2. MIME Type: CSV
  3. Restricted To: Production
  1. On Review and Submit, confirm your selections and click OK to save your newly created Outbound EIB.

Once the above steps have been completed, please your AllVoices agent and they will complete the configuration process on their end. Congratulations, your AllVoices/Workday HRIS integration is now complete!

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