Zenefits HRIS Integration Guide

As part of the onboarding process, AllVoices will help facilitate a connection between your Zenefits and AllVoices admin environments.

Zenefits HRIS Integration Guide

In order to enable your Zenefits integration we need you to generate a Zenefits access token and securely share this with your AllVoices Account Manager. 

Step 1: Generate Zenefits Access token

Please see this short video tutorial on how to generate an access token in Zenefits: 

Click to view Zenefits Access Token video tutorial

Required Zenefits permissions

Company’s Location

Company’s Departments


Person’s Department

Person’s Location


Personal Email


Work Email

Work Phone

Custom Fields

Custom Field Values

IMPORTANT: In order to pull department and location information in AllVoices please select company & department permissions both on Company & People level.  Also, make sure to select ‘Status’ ‘Custom fields’ and ‘Custom fields’ values. 

STEP 2: Share Zenefits Access Token with AllVoices 

Once you have successfully generated the Zenefits Access Token, we ask that you please share this token with your AllVoices Account Manager using a secure method of transfer - ideally password protected. 

Example (applicable on macOS and unix-based systems):

  • Put the access token into a data.txt file
  • Launch terminal, navigate to the folder with data.txt file using cd command (e.g. cd myfolder to navigate to folder called myfolder) and run this command:
    openssl aes-256-cbc -e -in data.txt -out data.txt.enc
  • Use strong password to encrypt data.txt file (prompted in the previous step)
  • Send result encrypted file (data.txt.enc) and password separately via different channels (e.g. using two different target email addresses: shannon@allvoices.co and madyson@allvoices.co

Step 3: Deactivate access token shared with AllVoices 

Once we have configured the integration on the AllVoices side, we will notify you and ask you to deactivate the token you shared with us in Zenefits for security purposes. 

As a next step you will activate a fresh access token to finalize the integration on your end.  

Step 4: Activate a new, fresh Access token 

Next you will repeat step 2 (above) to create a fresh access token to finalize your Zenefits integration in AllVoices. This time the token will not be shared directly with your AllVoices Account Manager but instead shared with your company’s AllVoices Administrative Owner to activate the integration in the ‘Settings’ tab of their AllVoices’ dashboard.

Step 5: Configure Zenefits in AllVoices Dashboard

Please have your AllVoices Administrative Owner configure the Zenefits integration in the Settings tab of their dashboard. This setting is only available in the account owner’s dashboard. 

  • Visit ‘Settings’ -> ‘HRIS integration’ -> Select ‘Zenefits’
  • Enter the new access token (generated in Step 4) and enter an email address you would like to notify if the connection fails or is lost at any time. 
  • Press SAVE 
  • If HRIS connection is successful you should see this screen, and the last time the connection was synced. 
  • If the HRIS connection fails you will see this screen and can troubleshoot by clicking on ‘View errors’.

Once the connection is successful, we automatically sync your HRIS data every 24 hours. 

If at any point your connection fails we send an email notification to the email address provided and the AllVoices Administrative Owner. We will then attempt to sync the data every hour for the next three consecutive hours.  If the connection fails all three times consecutively we will automatically disable your HRIS connection and it will need to be re-enabled by your company’s AllVoices Administrative Owner

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