Bringing Feedback Options to Those Without Internal Connections

"AllVoices enables us to go back to folks to ask additional questions, share more context, and engage in an exchange in a way that works best for them."
Julie Rogers
Chief People Officer
The Problem

Volta assumed that folks just trusted leadership, or had internal connections to ask questions or voice concerns. Employees who’d been there for many years did, in fact, have closer relationships to some leaders. But most of the employees hired over the previous year did not. These limited, one-way, and unreliable communications channels lacked a safe way for people to share constructive feedback or express significant concerns. An annual engagement survey revealed the desire for a trustworthy two-way feedback process.

The Solution

Volta chose Anonymous and Non-Anonymous Reporting through a unique and secure link. They also created customizations for key departments and locations. For regular temp checks across the organization they also have Pulse Surveys with access to AllVoices’s robust template library including exit interviews, onboarding interviews, DEI surveys, and more.

The Results

Volta now has open and honest two-way communication. Direct feedback is great, but so is a more nuanced approach that meets people where they are. With AllVoices, Volta can now go back to folks and ask clarifying questions or for additional context in a format that works best for them. They’re building trust by putting the power and communications channel choice in employees’ hands, all while learning and taking action based on feedback data.

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