Employees have a voice that deserves to be heard.

Hear and Be Heard

That’s why our mission is to help build safe and happy workplaces for both employees and employers. Our platform encourages and supports companies as they listen, respond, and grow in a way that celebrates the inclusivity, trust, and safety of their employees. AllVoices is a comprehensive employee feedback management platform that prioritizes psychological safety, employee happiness, and retention.

Build Trust Through Hearing and Action

We believe we are the most trusted platform for employees to communicate with their employers. We want every company to have a workforce that feels heard, engaged, happy, and comfortable sharing feedback and reporting workplace issues in a sustainable and effective way.

Helping Create Safer, More Inclusive Companies

What is AllVoices?

AllVoices is an Employee Feedback Management Platform (EFMP) for companies to systematically ask for, accept, analyze, and act on employee feedback of all kinds.

How Does it work?

AllVoices is an employee feedback management platform that helps company leaders ask for and act on employee feedback of all kinds through a secure communication channel. Our platform provides real-time insights that help you build and sustain healthy cultures. Customers like Duolingo, Electronic Arts, and Zillow are using AllVoices to build trust with employees, increasing retention, mitigating risk, and improving employee well-being. All while maintaining SOC2 and SOX compliance.

What is our origin story?

Where It All Started
It all started with our CEO and Founder, Claire Schmidt.
While Claire was working as the Vice President of Technology and Innovation at 20th Century Fox she came across Susan Fowler's blog, exposing the toxic harassment she experienced as a software engineer at Uber. The story occupied part of Claire’s mind for months.
She began speaking with HR professionals and discovered that the tools available to employees to share feedback or report issues were ineffective, intimidating, and rarely used. The whistleblower hotlines in the market were outdated and clunky. This lack of an effective and comprehensive employee feedback management platform was encouraging toxic workplace cultures of silence and unresolved, systemic issues.
So Claire began building AllVoices. Then Susan’s voice along with countless others became the start of the #MeToo movement, and the potential of AllVoices became even more clear to investors and supporters, launching our rapid growth.
The Future Is Now
Now, we're the leading Employee Feedback Management Platform, trusted by leading companies and preferred by employees.

Inc. Best Workplaces, 2022

We practice what we preach, and it shows. AllVoices is one of Inc. Magazine’s 2022 Best Workplaces Honorees.

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