Our Story

In today's workforce, people often don't feel empowered to speak up and voice their opinions about workplace issues, including harassment, bias, and other culture issues. This prevents company leadership from making necessary changes, and prevents people from feeling fulfilled, recognized, and included at work.

At AllVoices, we want to change that by providing a completely safe, anonymous way for people to report issues directly to company leaders. This allows company leadership real transparency into what’s happening in their companies—and the motivation to address issues quickly. Our goal is to help create safer, more inclusive companies.

Our Values

AllVoices is creating safe, happy, and healthy workplaces for all.
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We protect the identities of your employees to encourage safe reporting and give you the feedback you have been missing.

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Psychological Safety

Our platform was developed by behavioral psychologists and academics to help create psychological safety in the workplace, so your teams can perform their best.

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Our core principle is to protect the privacy and security of our customers. We adhere to best in class security practices and offer comprehensive encryption of all data.

Meet The AllVoices Team

From more than 30 years, we’ve been leading the way across Oklahoma — creating the best possible customer experience since 1989.


Joey Morissette

Head of Sales


Corbin Jaskolski

Sales Assistant


Frankie Bechtelar

Marketing Coordinator

Customer Success

Tate Rolfson

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success

Estevan Gutkowski

Head of Customer Success

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