Anonymous Pulse Surveys
Collect real-time, anonymous, and more open & honest feedback for deeper insights into your employees’ daily work lives: their trials and triumphs, what they’re excited about, and what they’re afraid of.
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Secure & Anonymous

Talking to people is tough, but everyone deserves to be heard. That’s why Pulse Surveys from AllVoices allows employees to remain truly anonymous when submitting feedback of all kinds--from harassment, to microaggressions, to all-hands engagement ideas, and everything in between.

Employee Approved. Ok, They Love Us.

Communication is a two-way street, and the destination is mutual trust and understanding. Hearing and being heard. That’s why AllVoices enables two-way, anonymized communication between employees and employers to raise ideas and resolve issues. And, as a neutral third-party application, employees love the ability to remain truly anonymous.

Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Insights

Spotting employee feedback trends in a spreadsheet is nearly impossible. Not to mention all those email chains, instant messages, or trying to track resolutions. You and your employees deserve better. That’s why AllVoices’ Employee Intelligence Platform puts everything you need in one convenient place.

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Your Employees Will Love it

Your employees want to provide feedback, yet despite best efforts to promote a psychologically safe workplace, many fear retaliation. Research shows employees will be more open and honest with their feedback if they know they’ll be able to remain anonymous.

Turn Data Into Insights

No more bloated spreadsheets and neverending email chains. Pulse Surveys from AllVoices put all your data into one, easy to digest place so you can develop actionable insights.

Easy To Use Templates

Pulse Surveys from AllVoices have a plethora of templates ready to go, making it that much easier to deploy culture surveys, quarterly check-ins, and various other employee feedback programs.

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Easily Export Pulse Survey Data

Data Exports For The Win

You’re going to love having all your Pulse Survey information in one place, making it simple to sort, filter, and prioritize employee feedback. But sometimes you might want or need your data someplace else. No problem. Your data is yours, and you can easily export it.


Custom questions, custom flow, custom deployment and response options. Did we mention Pulse Surveys from AllVoices are customizable? Yes. Yes we did.

Customer Success

Let’s face it: even the most senior survey ninjas might need help from time to time. That’s where our Customer Success team comes in. They’re not just best in class, they’re in a class of their own, and will be with you every step of the way.

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