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What is AllVoices?

AllVoices is an Employee Feedback Management Platform (EFMP) that empowers employees to anonymously provide feedback, ask questions, share positive input, and report harassment, bias, or culture issues directly to their company’s leadership. We collect and present all employee submissions into an encrypted, easy-to-read dashboard of patterns, trends, and actionable insights. 

With AllVoices, companies including Zillow Group, Patagonia, and Scopely, gain access to real-time, visualized data that helps them make proactive decisions and resolve issues before they become organizational norms. AllVoices helps companies build sustainable and healthy cultures, where engaged employees speak up and feel heard.

What effect can I expect AllVoices to have on my organization?

AllVoices provides real-time data about cultural health, so your company can identify and address early cultural signals before they become organizational norms. For example, 75% of incidents of harassment are never reported, which means that companies aren’t aware and employees aren’t able to drive change. With AllVoices, employees have a safe, anonymous place to report their concerns, including harassment and other issues, without having to come forward personally. Our goal is to help companies using AllVoices create healthy, safe cultures with less turnover and absenteeism, and an improved ability to prevent problems before they become systemic. We enable company leaders to identify the issues their company is uniquely facing in real-time, and we provide resources to help address the issues raised.

What can I submit a report about?

Anything that you’ve experienced or witnessed in the workplace. Issues can range from subtle bias to harassment to culture issues to general feedback. We lead you through a highly structured questionnaire that enables you to quickly and easily report what you’ve experienced without having to come forward. We believe that psychological safety in the workplace is fundamental to productivity, creativity, health, and happiness.

Do you allow users to name others in their reports?

Our two core values are anonymity and actionability, and everything we do is organized around these values. AllVoices is designed to inform the participating company about issues, and provide them with enough information to take action. While you can provide names of others in your AllVoices report, you don't have to. We also ask you to report exactly what happened, when it happened, how it happened, where it happened and if the company participates in our services, we’ll let them know so they can take action.

What if someone submits a false report?

We take precautions to prevent this, and we use pattern recognition to flag suspicious reports and to identify outliers.

Is this tool trying to replace HR?

No. We want people who are comfortable going to HR to report an experience to continue doing so. But we know that in many cases employees are afraid of retaliation or don’t want to come forward. We are creating this platform so that these voices are heard and so that participating companies can be more informed. This service is a tool that can help HR and other company leaders act proactively to address difficult issues.

How does it work?

The reporting process should take less than five minutes. To create a report, visit www.allvoices.co and click the “Submit Report” button or, if your company is already using AllVoices, go through your company’s AllVoices link. You’ll be asked a series of questions about the issue you wish to report. If your company is not signed up with AllVoices, you’ll be prompted to provide a valid email address for a company leader (e.g., Head of HR, General Counsel). Once validated, we will reach out to the company leader to share your encrypted and anonymous report.

Why do you collect phone numbers?

We do this so we can prevent bots and spam, to make sure that the data we’re capturing is as valid as possible. As soon as we receive your phone number, we encrypt it and assign your report a Report ID tied back to your phone number instead. We have an anonymous messaging portal that enables us to follow up with you after you submit the report, but you can opt out of communications at any time by replying STOP to any message you receive.

Can I report if I saw something that happened, but it didn’t happen to me personally?

Yes. We want bystanders to feel empowered to speak up and take action to support other people. We ask whether you are reporting something that happened to you personally or if you witnessed it.

What if I need more help after submitting the report?

You can email us at info@allvoices.co, and we’ll help as best we can. We also have a resources page on our site that highlights services providing various types of assistance and support.

What does AllVoices do to secure and protect data and sensitive information?

AllVoices uses multiple security measures to ensure the safety of your data. Any data you enter into AllVoices is fully secured using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and a uniquely generated encryption key. All access to AllVoices is highly restricted, monitored and logged.

Still have questions? Email us at info@allvoices.co
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