How Companies Are Preparing for Return to Office Plans

How Companies Are Preparing For Return To Office Plans

April 14, 2021 2-3 EST // 11-12 PST

In this Webinar, we sit down with industry shakers

Arjen Mackaaij (Mackaay), SVP of People at FabFitFun

Monique McCloud, Chief People Officer at Reformation

Dr. Shindale Seal, CEO of SEADE Coaching & Consulting

to get their thoughts on how companies are seeking employee feedback when developing their return to office plans. During this discussion, we cover everything from how to receive feedback to moving forward with the next steps.

What will you learn from this Webinar?

  • How leading companies are creating their return to office plans for office and retail workers
  • The importance of proactively seeking feedback from employees when crafting a return to office plan
  • Why looking for cultural adds is more important than cultural fits when it comes to building a culture of feedback