Open Letter To Congress

By Claire Schmidt
September 9, 2021

Members of Congress: 

The latest expose on workplace harassment allegations happening across the legislative branch is disturbing, but unfortunately not surprising. 

Workplace harassment and toxic workplace cultures filled with mistreatment, abuse, and bullying are a problem in companies and government agencies large and small,  across the country. 

The question for the leaders of those companies and agencies -- and for you as leaders of individual congressional offices -- is, what are you going to do about it?  

Like solving any problem, the first step is knowing the scale and scope of what you’re facing. This is the hardest step to take for many employers. How can you know what your employees are experiencing if they don’t feel safe telling you? 

At AllVoices we have built an employee feedback management platform that allows workers to report wrongdoing anonymously. We recently found that over 85% of employees would be more inclined to report workplace harassment if they could do so anonymously.

In Congress, staffers have no advocate, and HR reporting protocols are siloed and ineffective. Your employees have anonymously told the media that their workplace is toxic. The need for anonymous reporting within your organization could not be clearer. 

You are leaders in your offices and on your committees. And you are leaders of our country. Leadership means taking a critical look at yourself and the workplace culture you are fostering. Our company, AllVoices, will give you a tool to do this for free.

Again, you’re not alone in facing these issues. We’ve found in a survey of employees nationwide that 44% of employees are experiencing harassment at work, 50% don’t report it, and 24% of those don’t report it because they fear retaliation. 

However, today, organizations are seeking new ways to proactively address workplace wrongdoing and to keep their employees happy. Congress should not be any different. 

It is critical to provide your staffers, the people you rely on most, with an outlet where they feel safe to share their feedback and report issues in real time. We provide tools and support to make sure it is healthy for your employees to go to work. It’s clear you’ve got a problem. We can help.

Don’t get caught off guard by employee feedback. AllVoices can help.
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