Meet The Advisor:

Meena Harris

AllVoices benefits from valuable relationships with trusted advisors, each impactful in their field. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the diverse group of mission-driven people working on compelling problems who provide powerful insight into AllVoices’ growth. 

For the next interview of our Meet the Advisors Series, please meet Meena Harris, Founder and CEO, Phenomenal

1. What excites you most about AllVoices?

Anybody who's spent any time at all in the workforce, either as an employee or as a manager, has been in a situation where they would benefit. Whether you have hard truths to share -- or whether you're the one who needs to hear them -- everybody is better off with a safe, comfortable place for candid conversation, without risk of misunderstanding or retaliation.

2. How have you seen the media conversation around employee reporting evolve over the past 3-5 years?

There hasn't been an evolution so much as a revolution. Especially post-#MeToo, the climate around employee reporting has shifted fundamentally — and everybody, including the vast majority of employers, seems to understand that the only way to foster a positive, safe, and inclusive work environment is to make sure people feel heard and empowered. To speak up when something isn't right, and to report issues without fear of retaliation.

3. From your perspective, why would organizations use a tool like AllVoices?

Whenever I’m interviewing someone for a job, I always ask: "What do you want to get out of this?" Because successful organizations want people to feel that they are supported in their own journeys. As an employer, certainly you want the best out of everyone — the best ideas, the best work product — but you should also want the best feedback and constructive criticism. A tool like AllVoices can be so powerful in tearing down barriers to communication, from fear of reprisal to office politics, that keep employees, leaders, and — by extension — entire organizations from performing at their best.

Meet The Advisors

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