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Improve Company Culture With AllVoices

Every company has a unique culture. Does yours reflect your values and give you a competitive advantage? AllVoices can help.

Company Culture Building

Why Company Culture Matters

Your employees are your most important asset, and company culture is the foundation of employee happiness. A culture that prioritizes employee happiness and success is a culture that encourages productivity, profitability and purpose.

Establish a culture of transparency and accountability

Our anonymous reporting platform encourages employees to speak up about workplace issues, which helps create a culture of transparency and accountability.

Create a safe and inclusive workplace

Create a safer and more inclusive workplace where employees feel comfortable and supported by providing employees with a secure and confidential way to report concerns.

Improve trust and morale

Demonstrate your commitment to addressing concerns and improving the workplace by taking prompt and appropriate action on issues raised through AllVoices.

Improve Company Culture With AllVoices

Strengthen Your Culture to Strengthen Your Company

Anonymous feedback improves employee happiness and business success. Proactively encouraging transparent communication creates positive workplace culture and can reveal patterns, problems, and inefficiencies more easily.

of employees strongly agree that their organization cares about their well-being.
of harassment at work is never reported.
of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work.
Anonymous Reporting Platform
Identify, Investigate, And Track Employee Issues All In One Place.

AllVoices offers a variety of different tools to help organizations uncover workplace issues and resolve any problems that could hinder productivity.

Learn Why Some of The Best Companies Trust AllVoices

Still not sure about AllVoices? Hear what our customers have to say:

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"Implementing AllVoices vs. a traditional whistleblower hotline has given us much more opportunity to dialogue with employees who report concerns due to the anonymous messaging feature of the tool.  The UI is great and the ability to report on cases for compliance purposes is easy."

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Kristie Rodenbush
Chief People Officer
1,500 Employees

"Sustainable cultures create multiple pathways for employees to receive support. AllVoices can be a valuable part of your people strategy and demonstrate your commitment to doing the right thing no matter the situation."

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Dan Spaulding
Chief People Officer
1,500 Employees

“The anonymity feature creates a safe environment for employees to also raise more sensitive topics, providing an opportunity for us to address issues effectively and in a timely manner.”

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Arjen Mackaaij
SVP of People
1,500 Employees

Just a couple of things we do to make it easier for you.

Here are just some of our many features.


With our OIG, SOC2, and SOX compliance, you can trust that your sensitive information is secure and protected with Allvoices.

Auto Blocking

Allow employees to block specific administrators from being able to review their anonymous reports.

Admin Notifications & Reminders

Create automated workflows and notifications to stay organized and respond to anonymous feedback in a timely manner.

PDF Exporting

Export case details to PDF for further analysis, distribution, and/or record keeping.

Case Merging

Make HR case management more efficient and organized by merging multiple cases into one.

Insights & Analytics

Analyze trends & recurring issues by exporting real-time data with dynamic, presentation-ready charts & data

Survey Templates

Track employee satisfaction with our customizable anonymous surveys and ready-to-use templates

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