How AllVoices Helps Streamline Employee Feedback

Claire Schmidt
May 8, 2020

We started AllVoices in 2017 to provide a safe space for employees to speak up about workplace harassment. As the #MeToo movement exploded, it was painfully clear that traditional avenues for reporting sexual harassment were failing employees and companies alike.

To solve this problem, we built an anonymous reporting and communication platform that gives employees a secure way to report harassment directly to company leadership without fear of retaliation. Almost immediately, we started receiving anonymous reports about other important workplace issues. Employees craved a channel to share real-time feedback with company leadership about all of their experiences.

Today, AllVoices lets employees anonymously share feedback about the workplace issues that matter most to them. Our suite of products streamlines previously fragmented employee feedback channels into a single dashboard. This holistic data-driven approach differentiates AllVoices from the more traditional avenues discussed below. Here’s how we’re different from some of the other tools out there.

Culture Surveys and Pulse Surveys  

Culture surveys and pulse surveys are a great way to measure employee engagement and provide valuable insight into company culture. However, culture surveys typically come around 1-2 times per year, and pulse surveys reflect employee sentiment at a “point in time.” With AllVoices, survey feedback is augmented with our always-on employee-listening tool so employees feel heard 24/7, 365 days a year. This directly impacts your company’s bottom line. Employees who feel heard are 4.6x more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.

Traditional Whistleblower Hotlines

Traditional whistleblower hotlines are clunky, scary and often feel like filling out a police report, which can dissuade employees from reporting in the first place. Our ethics and compliance module can replace your company’s outdated, under-utilized hotline while complying with your SOX and SOC2 anonymous reporting requirements. Unlike traditional whistleblower hotlines, our secure two-way messaging portal notifies reporters directly when their company responds to their report. Reporters and companies benefit from this real-time and reliable communication channel throughout the investigation process. Moreover, our platform isn’t just intended for whistleblowers, it’s accessible to any employee who wants to share feedback, questions or concerns.

Speaking in person with HR or Managers

AllVoices is not meant to be a replacement for employees who want to go directly to HR, it facilitates the conversations HR isn’t having. Oftentimes these conversations are being held via office gossip or backdoor channels instead of directly with HR and managers. Open door policies aren't enough, as not all employees are comfortable speaking up in person. That said, companies with transparent cultures and open-door policies especially benefit from AllVoices. We collect both anonymous and de-anonymized feedback, so the more open the channels of communication are, the more data points and actionable insights AllVoices can provide.

Public channels like Glassdoor and Blind

Without a secure, anonymous channel to share feedback with company leadership, employees often resort to external channels to provide feedback about the issues that matter most to them. We see this on public channels like Blind and Glassdoor, which puts companies in reactive “cleanup” mode rather than in a proactive, problem-solving position.  AllVoices helps leadership identify these issues upstream and allows employers to address concerns before they become systemic issues, and prevents reputational damage. The tool also can help save time for overwhelmed teams tasked with monitoring these external channels.

Case Management / Investigation Tracking software

Implementing a case management tracking software is critical for any company that wants to mitigate risk. Unfortunately, many HR teams are forced to rely on insecure systems that weren’t meant for tracking ER issues. Our Case Management system is completely secure and encrypted, and was designed with HR professionals to uniquely suit their needs. With AllVoices you can track serious investigations but also capture feedback on issues related to culture, management, diversity, equity, and inclusion and more. We encourage companies to capture all in person feedback in the Case Management tool to get the most out of this data. Our platform is intuitive and doesn’t involve long intensive training. We strive to build technology that rivals the easy-to-use apps we leverage daily to entertain, feed and transport ourselves.

Don’t get caught off guard by employee feedback. AllVoices can help.
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