Whistleblowing Hotlines vs Employee Feedback Management Platforms

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Jaagriti Sharma
January 5, 2022

So, You’re Looking for a Whistleblower Hotline?

In 2002, the U.S. Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act. This legislative action, in short, required public American companies to provide whistleblowing channels for their employees and appropriate processes for addressing these complaints. 

Now, in the midst of the “Great Reshuffle” or “Great Resignation”, employers are actively looking for ways to retain their employees and develop or sustain positive workplace cultures. Whistleblower hotlines are quickly moving up to the top of the priorities list.

This is a big step in the right direction. In addition to serving as a tool to protect and ensure employees are being treated well, in the long run, whistleblower hotlines work to protect a company’s profits, reputation, and legacy from accusations, legal battles, and PR headaches. 

Unfortunately, they’re outdated. Most whistleblower hotlines are:

  • Old and clunky
  • Rarely used 
  • Often not entirely anonymous

Worse yet, these outdated systems make case tracking and trend analysis incredibly time-consuming, if not impossible. HR and leadership teams can’t use them to quickly identify problems, follow up with whistleblowers, determine appropriate responses, and put out fires before they spread. More often than not, leadership teams are left with incomplete reports and no clear way forward.

Whistleblower hotlines, while landmark achievements on the road to workplace safety and transparency, aren’t comprehensive solutions.

This year we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Your company, your employees, and your stakeholders deserve the next generation of whistleblower support technology.

What Do You Need, if Not a Whistleblower Hotline?

You need a system that meets all the criteria of a SOX whistleblower hotline – and does so much more than the legal minimum.


Because the game has changed. We now have the communication, security, and analysis technology to truly support workers who speak up.

In today’s tech-enmeshed society, your company, your HR staff, and your employees deserve modern, accessible reporting and tracking solutions.

Today’s most innovative and successful businesses use employee feedback management platforms (EFMPs) to identify problems before they arise, deal with small issues before they grow out of control, and track difficult cases as they move toward resolution.

These software platforms fulfill all the legal requirements of whistleblower hotlines. But they do so much more than the bare-bones basics. They create psychologically safe work cultures, facilitate rapid responses, and make case-tracking a breeze.

AllVoices Knows Retention and Risk Management

AllVoices created our EFMP after analyzing feedback from hundreds of employees. These employees told us they didn’t feel safe speaking up at work – because they didn’t have the right tools to do so. Instead, frustrated employees were venting on social media or Glassdoor (where their employers’ reputations are at stake), quitting, or taking legal action. 

In developing AllVoices, we asked these questions: Shouldn’t companies be able to really measure employee morale? Isn’t it best for employees to express themselves within organizations, instead of in public/online? Isn’t employee feedback helpful to develop a responsive and positive company culture? Shouldn’t companies know how they can keep top talent from fleeing their organization?

That’s why we created AllVoices – to foster healthy and transparent workplace communities. We help make companies places that people will want to work, both today and tomorrow. 

So, What do EFMPs Like AllVoices Do, Exactly?

With the AllVoices Employee Feedback Management Platform, you can do far more than operate a whistleblower hotline. You can:

  • Get real-time anonymous employee feedback
  • Provide encrypted messaging to employees
  • Give your HR Team a cyber-secure case manager platform
  • Develop and employ anonymous Pulse Surveys and identify issues early
  • Analyze HR data for actionable insights
  • Easily integrate the AllVoices case manager into your existing HRIS system 
  • Promote workplace communities of psychological safety and trust

With AllVoices, your HR team can access a simple, streamlined reporting dashboard with powerful case-handing analytics. For example, the AllVoices visualization suite sorts cases into subtypes such as “Ethics and Compliance”. It further breaks down this subtype data into categories like “Unsafe Working Conditions”, “Accounting and Auditing”, “Theft”, “Fraud”, etc.

With AllVoices’ report-analysis platform, you can tell at a glance what’s really going on in your company – and identify trends fast.

How Does AllVoices Beat Out Traditional Hotlines?

Unlike the whistleblower hotlines of decades past, AllVoices offers a simple app interface that doesn’t require users to give up their anonymity by creating a voice recording. 

When employees use the AllVoices platform, their anonymity will be preserved by our encrypted messaging system – and the platform’s question and category options will help them remember to include all relevant information, such as time/date, location, department, etc.

A Word of Warning

Remember - today in 2022 you need to do much more than just fulfill the two-decade-old Sarbanes/Oxley requirements. You need a modern, robust feedback system for addressing concerns, analyzing feedback, and resolving cases all the way through to resolution.

Learn More About AllVoices

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