Trustworthy Platform for Anonymity, Security, and Historical Records

"We're building processes and programs for scale, and the AllVoices tool has definitely been instrumental to achieving that for work that is highly sensitive and confidential."
Leslie Chung
Head of People & Places
The Problem

Intercom needed a seamless way of collecting anonymous feedback, including anonymous reports about behavioral issues. Intercom also needed a way to consistently track and retain important details and notes related to claims, investigations, and/or issue tracking. To compound these issues, all the historical work and notes were lost when HR employees left Intercom.

The Solution

Intercom signed with AllVoices in a solution that included Anonymous and non-anonymous reporting, Pulse Surveys, customizations, and logo & unique URL. After seeing desired results, they added Case Manager and Investigations. With the Investigations add-on they can easily conduct investigations within the AllVoices platform, and with Case Manager they have a more seamless workflow with everything in one easy-to-use platform.

The Results

Intercom strengthened their culture by helping people provide feedback directly or anonymously. AllVoices:

  • Gives employees confidence that they are truly anonymous
  • Enables them to respond more quickly and track feedback & reporting data more effectively
  • Provides better visibility into historical data, which is especially critical during an audit

They’re building processes and programs at scale, trusting that the AllVoices platform secures highly sensitive and confidential information.

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