Using Feedback To Improve Business Outcomes

"If you really are seeking the feedback of your people, your business, your organization, it’s incredibly helpful to have a tool like AllVoices."
Michelle Prohaska
Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
The Problem

Nymbus, a financial technology firm, sought a solution for anonymous reporting that goes beyond addressing negative feedback or ethics complaints. The challenge included establishing trust, privacy, and unanimity in the reporting process, while overcoming the belief that anonymity might not be guaranteed.

The Solution

AllVoices stood out to Nymbus as a comprehensive platform that not only addresses negative feedback but also facilitates positive opportunities and business enhancements. The platform enables solicitation of general feedback and perspectives from employees on various aspects of the business. The emphasis on trust, privacy, and the ability to address issues anonymously, particularly fraud, was a key factor in selecting Allvoices.

The Results

The implementation of AllVoices at Nymbus has instilled trust and confidence in the organization, creating a platform for open communication. The tool has proven effective in bringing forth instances of fraud and other issues. Despite initial concerns about the anonymity of the reporting, the platform's user-friendly experience and aesthetic appeal have contributed to its success. Nymbus sees AllVoices not just as a compliance tool but as a means to level up and improve the overall functioning of the business. The recommendation of AllVoices as a differentiator in the risk compliance space underscores its value in seeking and incorporating feedback from employees, ultimately aiding in organizational improvement.

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