Quick, Candid, and Accurate Responses to Challenging Employee Questions

"With AllVoices, we have great trust in our executives and people team. We transitioned from a complaint management stance to an active problem solving dialogue on important issues.""
John Foster
Chief People Officer
The Problem

TrueCar employees were asking a lot of challenging questions during All Hands meetings. Questions that required time, nuance, and too much detail to properly answer in an All Hands setting. Additionally, online forums–particularly Blind–were very noisy, and people posted concerns that were often not factually accurate. Responding effectively to such cases can be difficult without divulging private information or sounding defensive. Further, it’s tough to track and creates a disconnect between employee concerns and TrueCar’s ability to respond.

The Solution

TrueCar implemented AllVoices with Anonymous and Non-Anonymous Reporting with a unique link, custom departments and locations for extra details. The package also included Pulse Surveys for regular employee temp checks. After seeing great results, TrueCar added Case Manager to sort and organize all feedback.

The Results

Great trust in executives and the people team. TrueCar is now able to:

  • Respond quickly, directly, candidly, and accurately to address concerns
  • Educate people that were off track in a constructive and secure manner
  • Encourage reporters to be more accountable in their own behavior

They transitioned from a complaint management stance to an active problem solving dialogue on important issues like DEI, compensation, and company direction.

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"Implementing AllVoices vs. a traditional whistleblower hotline has given us much more opportunity to dialogue with employees who report concerns due to the anonymous messaging feature of the tool.  The UI is great and the ability to report on cases for compliance purposes is easy."

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Kristie Rodenbush
Chief People Officer
1,500 Employees

"Sustainable cultures create multiple pathways for employees to receive support. AllVoices can be a valuable part of your people strategy and demonstrate your commitment to doing the right thing no matter the situation."

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Dan Spaulding
Chief People Officer
1,500 Employees

“The anonymity feature creates a safe environment for employees to also raise more sensitive topics, providing an opportunity for us to address issues effectively and in a timely manner.”

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Arjen Mackaaij
SVP of People
1,500 Employees

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