Add Anonymous Feedback To Your Arsenal Of Employee Feedback Channels
Each employee is different–especially regarding how they’d prefer to share feedback with you.
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Anonymous Feedback To Catch Good Ideas And Bad Actors In Real Time.

Hear and Be Heard

Giving feedback feels risky. Employees wonder: will they hear me? Will I experience retaliation if they find out who reported this? Will the situation get resolved? Anonymous feedback channels lower the bar to hearing and being heard. AllVoices uses multiple security measures to keep your data safe, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and uniquely generated encryption keys.

Build Trust Through Hearing and Action

AllVoices is a neutral third party platform to systematically ask for, accept, analyze, and act on employee feedback of all kinds. And because of that, everyone has the space and grace to work collaboratively toward identifying good ideas and resolving bad situations. So much so, our customers see a 12X increase in employee feedback after adopting AllVoices.

Easy, Automated Feedback Routing

No more broken email chains or @tagging admins in a spreadsheet. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your employee feedback and turn the headaches into head space with the convenience of automated feedback routing: route the right feedback to the right person at the right time with customizable, rule-based automations.

Catch Good Ideas And Bad Habits In Real Time
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Smart, Safe, And Spam-Free Employee Intelligence Platform

Encrypted, Two-Way Communication

Communication is a two-way street, and so is our message encryption. With Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), uniquely generated encryption keys, and other best practice security measures, AllVoices helps keep your data safe as admins and employees work together anonymously toward resolution.

Spam Blocking

You want to hear from your employees, not spammers. That’s why AllVoices uses cutting edge spam blocking technologies to filter and block unwanted messages from bad actors.

Intelligent, Customizable Employee Feedback Routing

Build on the trust your employees place in you when they provide feedback: make sure it gets routed to the right admins. AllVoices makes it easy to get the right feedback to the right person at the right time with rule-based automations.

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Set Expectations With A Custom Employee Intelligence Platform

Service Level Agreements Build Trust, Manage Expectations And Expedite Resolution

Your employees take a potentially frightening and difficult step every time they give feedback. Show them that trust is well-placed with formalized service-level agreements (SLAs). SLAs on our platform are simple to set up and easier to stick to.

Customize AllVoices To Fit Your Feedback Process

Your culture is as unique as your company. Your employee intelligence platform should reflect that. With AllVoices you can customize everything from forms, to questions, to feedback routing and almost everything in between.

Categorize and Triage Employee Feedback

With AllVoices, the smartest Employee Intelligence Platform available, you can categorize employee feedback you’ve received at the appropriate level: low, medium, and high. This will help you and your team triage and prioritize which reports to respond to first.

Hear And Be Heard With AllVoices' Employee Intelligence Platform™
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Anonymous Feedback Is Important Feedback

Track Resolutions

Make the most of the employee feedback you’re getting, and turn data into intelligent, actionable insights. No more staring at spreadsheets or getting lost in email chains. With AllVoices, you can track resolutions and see trends over time all in one convenient spot.

Available 24x7 365 Anywhere There’s Wifi, Cellular Data, Or A Phone Line

Sometimes the realest feedback comes in real time... at midnight. From a smartphone. In a parking lot. AllVoices' custom Whistleblower Hotline reporting page is user-friendly, optimized for all devices, and accessible anywhere there's wifi or cell data service.

Customer Success is on the Case

An employee intelligence platform only works if you’re getting feedback, and research shows employees are more likely to share feedback if they know they have the option of remaining truly anonymous. That’s where our best-in-class Customer Success team comes in: we’ll give you the tools to let people know AllVoices is available; we’ll even present right alongside you, to show employees that you’ll hear them even if they want to remain anonymous.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Team Work
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