Case Manager

Route feedback to the appropriate admin, track progress, and resolve reports in one centralized case management dashboard.

Centralized Case

Collect reports into an easy-to-read dashboard that visualizes patterns, trends, and actionable insights across your organization.

Enterprise Ready

Configurable for your enterprise needs with international support and language localization.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate problems early by addressing issues proactively and encouraging employees to report issues without hesitation.

Stay Efficient and Organized

Track, manage, and resolve

Case managers can work together to track investigations, upload notes and delegate tasks, as they manage and resolve all employee reports and resulting investigations in one centralized place.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your HRIS systems (Workday, Zenefits, BambooHR, UltiPro, and more) for accurate and detailed data and reporting.

Encrypted and Secure

AllVoices is fully secured using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and uniquely generated encryption keys.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do in the case management platform?

In addition to tracking, managing, and resolving each case in the case management platform, case managers can collaborate within the tool, delegate cases to different administrators, upload notes and attachments, designate cases as attorney-client privileged, track patterns over time, filter and analyze all ER data in one place, and more.

What types of issues can I track?

You can track any reported issue. Issues range from policy violations to terminations, retaliation, leaves of absence, performance issues, harassment, ethics issues, and more.

Can administrators be blocked from certain cases?

Yes. A company can choose its case administrators. Administrators usually include ER, HR or People team members and leaders, Legal, DEI leaders, and C-level executives. With AllVoices’ advanced admin permissions, the company can determine who has access to view and respond to each report.

What our customers are saying

“The anonymity feature creates a safe environment for employees to also raise more sensitive topics, providing an opportunity for us to address issues effectively and in a timely manner.”
Arjen Mackaaij
SVP of People, FabFitFun
"Sustainable cultures create multiple pathways for employees to receive support. AllVoices can be a valuable part of your people strategy and demonstrate your commitment to doing the right thing no matter the situation."
dan spaulding
Chief People Officer, Zillow
"Implementing AllVoices vs. a traditional whistleblower hotline has given us much more opportunity to dialogue with employees who report concerns due to the anonymous messaging feature of the tool.  The UI is great and the ability to report on cases for compliance purposes is easy."
Kristie Rodenbush
Chief People Officer, Algolia
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