Whistleblower Hotline

AllVoices collects data in one simple dashboard allowing for easy follow-up and early risk mitigation.


AllVoices continuously aggregates incoming reports so companies can spot patterns and proactively address issues.

Enterprise Ready

Our platform is configurable for enterprise needs with international support and language localization.

24 hour access

The always accessible dashboard encourages employees to anonymously report issues without hesitation, allowing companies to receive and resolve issues in real-time.

Compliant and Responsive

Responsive Reporting

Increase employee reporting and responsiveness with our platform’s compliant yet modern, mobile and user-friendly design. All reports are gathered into a simple, easy-to-use admin dashboard.

Domestic & International

AllVoices’ web platform and optional call-in line are compliant with whistleblowing laws in the United States and internationally.

Scalable Across Teams

Every company gets its own branded reporting interface, configurable for its needs. The platform’s capabilities are also scalable for enterprise needs with international support and language localization.

Frequently asked questions

Is AllVoices SOX compliant? Can it replace a traditional whistleblower hotline?

Yes, AllVoices satisfies Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and can be used as a compliant whistleblower hotline. In addition to the web-based platform, there is also an option to have a call-in line. We serve public companies across a range of industries and sizes to address their compliance needs.

How is AllVoices different from traditional whistleblower hotlines?

AllVoices is different from traditional whistleblower hotlines because it was built with employees in mind, and is an entirely anonymous and user-friendly web-based platform. All reports are collected in a single case management system with sophisticated administrative permissions that allow leadership to assign, track, manage, resolve and visualize data. Unlike traditional hotlines, AllVoices is mobile responsive and allows an employer to follow up with a reporter easily after receiving a report.

The platform also encourages feedback across six unique categories: DE&I, Culture, Harassment/Bullying, Ethics & Compliance, COVID-19 Issues, and General Feedback.

What does AllVoices do to secure and protect data and sensitive information?

AllVoices uses multiple security measures to ensure the safety of your data. Any data entered into AllVoices is fully secured using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and uniquely generated encryption keys. All access to AllVoices is highly restricted, monitored, and logged.

Can AllVoices be used outside of the United States?

Yes, AllVoices has international capabilities and language support.

Can whistleblower complaints be sent directly to someone (auditor/legal/compliance)?

Yes, we have fully configurable routing permissions that we can set up with you to ensure compliance.

What our customers are saying

"Ever since we implemented AllVoices as our global whistleblower hotline as well as our tool for collecting employee feedback and issues, we have seen an increase in employee engagement. The simple, welcoming interface has made our employees feel more comfortable and empowered to voice their opinions and concerns and we also love the anonymous messaging feature that allows us to interact with our employees and to gather more information from them in a way that protects their anonymity. We are thankful for the AllVoices team for helping us customize our tool to ensure that it is SOX/locally compliant in all of our jurisdictions but yet still keep its user-friendly interface."
Annie Lam
Senior Corporate Paralegal, Box
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