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Secure and Anonymous. Really.

Multiple security measures keep your data safe, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and uniquely generated encryption keys. All access to AllVoices is highly restricted, monitored, and logged. And reports are anonymous and have no identifiers like email or IP addresses or phone numbers.

SOC2 Certified Compliant

Stay SOC2 and SOX whistleblower hotline compliant with a platform that is more modern, mobile, and intuitive than a typical whistleblower hotline You have the option of both a web-based platform and a call-in line. Public companies in a variety of industries and sizes use AllVoices to address their compliance needs.

Employees Trust us

Providing a whistleblower hotline is a good start. Offering a whistleblower hotline employees use is the next step. Employees trust AllVoices. So much so, that our customers see an average of 12X more hotline usage than competing platforms.

Don’t phone in your whistleblower hotline compliance. Let AllVoices help.
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The Future Called: Your Whistleblower Hotline Is Waiting

Anonymous Reporting makes it easier to talk about tough things at work

Even in the most open and transparent office cultures, some things are still tough to talk about. From harassment and bias, to unsafe working conditions, to microaggressions and everything in between. According to our research, employees are more likely to provide feedback if they know they’ll be able to remain anonymous. That’s why AllVoices Whistleblower Hotline reports are completely, truly anonymous.

Route employee feedback to the right people at the right time

Build on the trust your employees place in you when they provide feedback: make sure it gets routed to the right admins. AllVoices makes it easy with rule-based automations to get the right feedback to the right person at the right time.

Build Trust with Service Level Agreements to manage expectations and expedite resolution

Your employees take a potentially frightening and difficult step every time they give feedback. Show them that trust is well-placed with formalized service-level agreements (SLAs). SLAs on our platform are simple to set up and easier to stick to.

Modernize Your Whistleblower hotline with AllVoices
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A Smarter Employee Intelligence Platform

Get On The Case With AllVoices’ Case Manager

No more staring at spreadsheets trying to track employee feedback and spot patterns in the data. Instead, with AllVoices, you collect reports into an easy-to-read dashboard that visualizes patterns, trends, and actionable insights across your organization.

Track Case Resolutions

You’ve asked for employee feedback, then analyzed and acted on what came in. But that’s not the end, is it? Now, with AllVoices, you can track case resolutions. No more spreadsheets or sticky notes. Just clean data and actionable insights.

Categorically The Best, Most User-Friendly Way to Categorize and Prioritize Employee Feedback

With AllVoices, the smartest Employee Intelligence Platform available, you can categorize employee feedback you’ve received at the appropriate level: low, medium, and high. This will help you and your team triage and prioritize which reports to respond to first.

Get Smart With The AllVoices Employee Intelligence Platform
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Easy, Accessible Communication Is The Key To Making the Dream Team Work

Call Me, Maybe, With An Actual Phone Line

You want to hear from your employees, so give them as many communication channels as you can. Including a phone line. Yes, our modern, mobile-friendly Employee Intelligence Platform is ridiculously easy to use. But we also offer a more traditional phone line for employees who would prefer to provide feedback that way.

Available 24x7 365 Anywhere There’s Wifi, Cellular Data, Or A Phone Line

Sometimes the realest feedback comes in real time... at midnight. From a smartphone. In a parking lot. AllVoices' custom Whistleblower Hotline reporting page is user-friendly, optimized for all devices, and accessible anywhere there's wifi or cell data service.

Best-In-Class Customer Success Team

If teamwork makes the dream work, you’re in for some sweet dreams with the AllVoices Customer Success Team. We’re here to help you succeed with everything from platform customizations, to onboarding, to internal road-shows/show & tell, and more.

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