Episode 13

Grief and Supporting the Bereaved with Brooke James

About the episode
In this episode of Reimagining Company Culture, we’re chatting Brooke James, Coach, Independent Advisor, and Founder of The Grief Coach. Brooke has a diverse background of experience having spent time in tech consulting, social media advisory services and executive coaching, before founding The Grief Coach.
About the guest
Brooke James is a coach, advisor, and podcaster based in New York City. She previously worked in technology and management consulting in the financial services sector. She founded her own consulting agency to offer operations and social media advisory services to small businesses and local organizations in 2019 after realizing that working for someone else was not doing it for her. Just under a year into this new endeavor, she enrolled in the executive coaching program at New York University to better serve her clients and focus on her lifelong dream of being a life and career coach. Brooke has a long fascination with human behavior. While an Economics major at The George Washington University she filled her elective schedule with psychology and sociology classes and poured over behavioral economics books. In her professional career whenever she dealt with office politics instead of getting frustrated she would focus on *why* people were behaving a certain way and what were they looking to achieve. A big part of her coaching practice focuses on how to navigate office politics, tap into your social IQ, strengthen your leadership presence and how to have what are sometimes tough conversations (how to negotiate a raise, how to advocate for yourself and your team, and most importantly, how we talk to ourselves). In addition to her growing businesses, Brooke is passionate about arts and public programming in New York. She serves on the Steering Committee of Lincoln Center Young Patrons as Co-Chair of the Development Committee and is currently an active member of the MoMA Junior Associates and the Jewish Museum Young Patrons Leadership Circle. As one of the many people that has been affected by cancer, Brooke is actively involved in fundraising for the advancement of cancer research and treatment for rare cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering and has personally fundraised over $25K to date. After losing her father, she could not find any resources that she could relate to and realized that most people don’t know how to talk to the bereaved. Hence, The Grief Coach was born. The mission of the podcast is two-fold: expose people to different grief experiences in the hopes this helps listeners to become more empathetic, and to provide practical advice as it relates to end-of-life. In her spare time, Brooke likes to spend time with friends and family, try out new restaurants, host dinner parties, travel, go to the theater and museums, and is an avid reader.

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