Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace results in unique innovation, growth, and business success. However, many companies face challenges in fostering a supportive, equitable, and inclusive environment for their diverse teams.


Maintain diverse talent by continuously learning and encouraging transparent communication without fear of retaliation.  Reduce unaddressed microaggressions and cultural conflicts by providing a way for employees to feel safe speaking up.


Foster an equitable workplace by creating a culture of transparency. AllVoices allows you to lead by example with a feedback loop that ensures employees feel valued and encouraged to contribute their unique opinions and feedback.


An inclusive workplace means that all employees are given equal opportunity and feel welcome and encouraged to participate and contribute. AllVoices builds trust and fosters a psychologically safe work environment that contributes to an inclusive culture.

Ensuring that All Voices are Heard

Workplace DEI benefits an organization in countless ways, from increasing innovation to raising the bottom line to making it a sought-after place of employment. AllVoices helps you ensure that all employee voices are heard.


Those who believe their leadership isn't prioritizing diversity and inclusion are 3x as likely to anticipate leaving their company within the next year.

of women face everyday sexism and racism-known as microaggressions-at work.


Highly inclusive companies are more likely to hit their financial target goals by up to 120%.

Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matters

Companies that prioritize DEI are seen as more desirable to work for and experience greater employee happiness, productivity and profitability. AllVoices supports your DEI efforts in making sure your employees continue to feel valued and heard.

Frequently asked questions

What effect can I expect AllVoices to have on my organization?

AllVoices provides real-time data about cultural health, so your company can identify and address early cultural signals before they become organizational norms. For example, 75% of incidents of harassment are never reported, which means that companies aren’t aware and employees aren’t able to drive change. With AllVoices, employees have a safe, anonymous place to report their concerns, including harassment and other issues, without having to come forward personally. Our goal is to help companies using AllVoices create healthy, safe cultures with less turnover and absenteeism, and an improved ability to prevent problems before they become systemic. We enable company leaders to identify the issues their company is uniquely facing in real-time, and we provide resources to help address the issues raised.

How does the tool help support our current DEI efforts?

AllVoices supports your DEI efforts in making sure your employees continue to feel valued and heard. AllVoices eliminates bias through its anonymity function, allowing employees to report about DEI while feeling safe and secure. It is mobile responsive and allows an employer to follow up with a reporter easily after receiving a report allowing

What can employees submit a report about?

AllVoices encourages feedback across six unique categories: DE&I, Culture, Harassment/Bullying, Ethics & Compliance, COVID-19 Issues, and General Feedback. All reports are collected in a single case management system with sophisticated administrative permissions that allow leadership to assign, track, manage, resolve and visualize data in a way that allows for easy pattern recognition and action.

What our customers are saying

“The anonymity feature creates a safe environment for employees to also raise more sensitive topics, providing an opportunity for us to address issues effectively and in a timely manner.”
Arjen Mackaaij
SVP of People, FabFitFun
"Sustainable cultures create multiple pathways for employees to receive support. AllVoices can be a valuable part of your people strategy and demonstrate your commitment to doing the right thing no matter the situation."
dan spaulding
Chief People Officer, Zillow
"Implementing AllVoices vs. a traditional whistleblower hotline has given us much more opportunity to dialogue with employees who report concerns due to the anonymous messaging feature of the tool.  The UI is great and the ability to report on cases for compliance purposes is easy."
Kristie Rodenbush
Chief People Officer, Algolia
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