Celebrating Trans Leaders & How to Be More Trans Inclusive Employers

Ari Luna
HR Director at TransLifeline

Join us as we celebrate trans leaders, learn about tangible structural changes, intersectionality, and much more!

What Will You Learn?

- Tangible advice and tips that employers, leaders, and managers can use to be more trans-inclusive

- What intentional support looks like from implementing gender-affirming health care coverage to putting your pronouns in your email signatures and introductions

- Actions that you can take to start implementing trans inclusivity systematically

Meet Our Panelists

👉 Anjali Rimi, President of Parivar Bay Area (she/her)

👉 Ebony Harper, Executive Director of California TRANScends (she/her)

👉 Levi Booser, Board Member at Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity and Former CPO and Culture Officer (they/them)

👉 Natalie Egan, Founder & CEO of Translator (she/her)

👉 Ari Luna, HR Director at TransLifeline, Moderator (she/her)

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