How to Communicate Company Culture Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Christina Giordano, (she/her)
Sr. Partnerships Manager at AllVoices
Chéla Gage (she/her)
Senior Vice President Talent, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at Reformation
Sheilesha Willis (she/her)
Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at Gem
Rebecca Gonzalez (she/her)
Manager, Candidate Experience at FullStory

A healthy company culture is an environment with psychological safety and feedback in all forms, which ultimately builds a sense of belonging. We know that cultivating an equitable environment for everyone is not only a nice to have for business, but a need to have. Great Places to Work data shows that companies that value diversity and inclusion outperform other companies by as much as 400%.

It is critical to communicate your unique employer value proposition from the candidate experience to an employee’s transition to being an alum of the company. How are you communicating your values to candidates? How are you retaining employees and building a culture of feedback?

Learn more in the upcoming webinar "How to Communicate Company Culture Throughout the Employee Lifecycle", hosted by AllVoices and Gem.

Our panel of experts will cover:

- Communicating your company culture through the hiring process and beyond

- Fostering a sense of belonging

- Creating a holistic employee feedback management strategy