Compensation: Let's Talk About It & Effective Planning

Nathan Fisher
Co-Founder and Co-CEO at SingleSprout
Ashley Perryman
Vice President of Global Human Resources at Spiceworks Ziff Davis
Enrique J Esclusa
Co-Founder of Assemble
Mykaela Doane
Head of People and Talent at Gtmhub
Kaitlyn Knopp
CEO/ Founder of Pequity

As we near the end of the calendar year, compensation is becoming a top-of-mind topic. When was the last time you updated your compensation structure and what best practices did you apply?

Join us tomorrow for an AllVoices SingleSprout webinar about Compensation: Let's Talk About It & Effective Planning with Ashley Perryman, Enrique J Esclusa, Kaitlyn Knopp, Mykaela Doane, and Natan Fisher.

We’ll be covering:

- How to develop best practices for compensation around benchmarking, expectations, and market changes
- How state-by-state transparency laws should affect your strategy
- How to approach the differences in cost of living and pay equity bands in different locations
- How to adjust and communicate compensation strategy during or after a layoff, and more!