The Role of Flexibility at Work and Personalizing the Employee Experience

Christina Giordano (she/her)
Sr. Partnerships Manager at AllVoices
Dharti Patel (she/her)
Director of People at Tommy John
Emily Mikailli (she/her)
SVP of People at Signifyd
Libertad Arjona (she/her)
Senior Manager People & Culture Mexico en Discovery Inc
Theresa Watts (she/her)
Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at True Religion Brand Jeans

Join us as our thought leaders share how they are incorporating flexibility into their workplace and personalizing the employee experience at scale.

Our thought leaders will be sharing how flexibility is embedded in different orgs' company culture and when we think about the employee experience, how are leaders really showing that they see, hear and understand their team. 

We'll be covering:

  • The surprising results of the four day work week
  • Communicating big announcements and exercising transparency in a fully remote or hybrid environment
  • Equipping managers to cultivate flexibility on their team
  • Building a high trust environment, and more!