How to Authentically Honor Pride and Celebrate Queerness 365 Days A Year

MJ Mowrer
Co-Founder of AllPride, Partnerships Manager at AllVoices

We teamed up with chezie to host a panel with four amazing LGBTQ+ ERG Leaders to discuss how you can authentically celebrate Pride this June and year-round. Tune in to learn what employers can do to recruit and retain LGBTQIA+ folks. 

What will you learn?

💡 How companies can honor and celebrate Pride this June 2022

💡 How ERGs have influenced companies to support LGBTQIA+ employees year-round

💡 Biggest challenges ERG leaders are experiencing today

 Meet our Panelists

👉 Alisha Basham, Senior Sales Manager Regional Partnerships | Director of Career Development for LGBTQ+ ERG (she/her)

👉 KT Ellis, Senior IT Product Manager at Dutchie, Former Co-Lead of Mindbody Pride (they/them)

👉 Luis Sotolongo, Director of Client Readiness and Global Community Chair PRIDE ERG at Visa (he/him)

👉 Matthew French, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at TextNow (he/they)

👉 Jerry Ford, 24HR Fitness Master Coach, PRIDE ERG Council Member, and Virtual Coach (he/him)

👉 MJ Mowrer, Co-Founder of AllPride, Partnerships Manager at AllVoices, Moderator (she/her)

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