How to Create Impactful & Sustainable Equitable Processes in Your Organization

Christina Giordano
Partnerships & Community Manager at AllVoices
Jen Casimiro
Global Talent Director of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion at IDEO (she/her)
Dr. Kristen Liesch
Co-Founder, Co-CEO at Tidal Equality (she/her)
Crina Pupaza
Chief People Officer at Nymbus (she/her)
Kristy Singletary
Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Senior Manager (she/her)
Thomas Igeme
Head of People at Turn/River Capital (he/him)

Join us as our thought leaders share how they create and work with leaders to develop sustainable, equitable processes.In this webinar, you'll learn how to empower everyone at your organization to create equitable processes, how to know when it’s time to bring in a partner to help equity initiatives, how hyper-growth companies proactively think about scaling their processes to be more inclusive, how to capture employee feedback on an ongoing basis to ensure you're meeting employees' needs, and more!