How to Create an Intentional Equitable Hybrid Work Environment

Natan Fisher (he/him)
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SingleSprout
Adrienne Barnard (she/her)
SVP, People Operations & Experience at Mainstay
Celeste Bell (she/her)
EVP, Head of HR at Deutsch NY
Jasmine Francis (she/her)
Vice President, People + Culture at Thinx
Veracelle Vega (she/her)
Chief People Officer at Boxed
Osagie Johnson (he/him)
Stealth HR-Tech Founder

Join us as our thought leaders share how to create an intentional equitable hybrid work environment. 

Join our discussion with Adrienne Barnard, SVP, People Operations & Experience at Mainstay, Celeste Bell, EVP, Head of HR @Deutsch NY,  Jasmine Francis, Vice President, People + Culture at Thinx, Vercalle Vega, Chief People Office at Boxed, Osagie Johnson, and Natan Fisher of Singlesprout. 

What to expect:

  • How to create meaningful connections
  • Best practices for interviewing and screening candidates
  • How to thoughtfully communicate in a hybrid or remote environment, and more!

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