Recession Proofing Your Workplace

Christina Giordano (she/her)
Sr. Partnerships Manager at AllVoices
Carmel Ulbrick (she/her)
Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Program Manager at PagerDuty
Jenn Johnson (she/her)
VP of People, Culture and D.E.I.B. at ezCater
Michael Grippo (he/him)
Vice President of Growth at DotConnect
Oladosu Teyibo (he/him)
Co-Founder and Senior Product Manager at Analog Teams

With a potential impending recession, we need to ensure that we are as prepared as possible as employees, leaders, and companies.

The question is: How can you maintain being an employer of choice and keep employee morale high during a potential economic downturn?

In this webinar we'll be covering:

- How to create a sense of belonging and a high-trust environment

- Best practices for sharing hard information with your employees

- Important to do's and not to do's during layoffs

- Supporting employees who remain post-layoffs, and more!