Note from CEO, Claire Schmidt, on Being Named to Inc's Best Places to Work List

Claire Schmidt
May 13, 2022

I am so honored that we were named one of Inc’s Best Places To Work this year.

The list was determined based on the results of an anonymous employee survey administered by a third party.

What means so much to me about this particular award is that it’s a representation of how our employees are experiencing being at AllVoices, rather than a determination made by an outside party. In essence, it means that our employees are happy, fulfilled, and feel heard at AllVoices.

When I decided to start AllVoices, it was because I recognized, in my own experience and in the experiences of my friends and acquaintances, that employees were given too few options about how to make their voices heard within their organizations.

As a result, most people stayed quiet, didn’t share their perspectives, and their organization was none the wiser. This happened for small things (perks) and larger things (harassment, mistreatment, bullying, and discrimination). 

In pretty much every case, everyone I talked to said, “I don’t speak up because it’s not worth the risk to speak up.” And it wasn’t just junior employees. This included very senior people within some organizations. To them, in some cases, the risks seemed even greater.

So, I decided to build a company that could help other companies build bottoms up cultures, where every person’s voice could be heard in whatever way felt most safe to them.

It was by looking at the problem obsessively through the employee lens that we came up with a product that could help employees speak up and feel safe. We started with an anonymous reporting tool for employees to report harassment and mistreatment, and then expanded over time – first with an anonymous messaging feature, then pulse surveys, case management workflows for leadership, and investigations management.

And by definition, we needed to practice what we preached. We couldn’t go around telling other companies how they should treat employees if we weren’t doing the same for ours. From the early days, I used our anonymous feedback tool for our own employees. I first sent our team an anonymous AllVoices survey soon after we built that feature, when our team was just six people.

We believe so much in the value of what we’re building that we use it internally. This doesn’t stop with just using the tool. It means taking the learnings from our employees’ honest, thoughtful feedback and putting them into action, even when it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Our platform is growing and expanding to include so many aspects of the employee experience. By being the most trusted platform for employees, and helping leadership take action and better meet employees’ needs, we are continuing to fulfill our mission of giving every employee a voice and helping companies take action. 

I am so excited about the amazing team we’ve built, about all of our partners, customers, and collaborators, and can’t wait to continue on the path ahead.

Don’t get caught off guard by employee feedback. AllVoices can help.
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