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Introducing Performance Improvement by AllVoices

Jeffrey Fermin
Jeffrey Fermin
April 18, 2023
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Introducing Performance Improvement by AllVoices

Introducing Performance Improvement from AllVoices

Our new tool allows HR & Managers to work together to centralize, track, and manage performance improvement all in one place.

AllVoices offers a Performance Improvement helps managers set clear expectations and involve HR early on to address performance issues. This tool provides a fair and supportive process for employees to improve their performance, ultimately leading to better growth opportunities and a positive employee experience.

Performance Improvement Features

AllVoices' Performance Improvement comes equipped with three key features:


AllVoices offers preconfigured templates to help customers quickly initiate performance improvement workflows. These templates include a Performance Improvement Plan Checklist, Performance Improvement Plan, Coaching Conversation/Performance Discussion, and Written Warning/Corrective Action. Administrators can also create custom templates to align with their organization's specific policies and practices, which helps standardize the performance improvement process and improve internal processes with clear and transparent documentation.


The Documentation feature allows managers to add external documents relevant to the performance improvement workflow in progress. These documents could include performance reviews, job descriptions, company policies, screenshots, and written and verbal warnings. Proper documentation is critical to demonstrate that employees with performance deficiencies were given a fair opportunity to succeed.

Activity Log:

The Activity Log is a key feature that allows administrators to automatically add important information about the performance improvement process, such as the name of the activity, who led it, why it was necessary, and when it occurred. This feature provides transparency and shows that the performance improvement workflow was unbiased and provided the employee a fair opportunity to improve.

Why should you focus on standardizing performance improvement?

As a manager or HR professional, it's crucial to understand the potential pain points associated with not having a proper performance improvement process in place.


Information can easily get lost or buried in emails without a centralized platform to store documents and key data points. This leads to managers spending valuable time digging through files and emails, decreasing productivity and efficiency.

Liability (Bias):

When there are no standardized templates or processes for creating Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs), managers may inadvertently create their own processes, which could be subject to bias. This could potentially result in legal action being taken against the company.

The result of not handling performance improvement processes properly can be detrimental to your organization, resulting in decreased productivity, increased turnover, reduced morale, and even potential legal action. By understanding the customer pain points associated with improper performance improvement processes, you can take proactive steps to ensure your organization has a fair, standardized approach to performance management.

Lack of Accountability:

Without a formal performance improvement process in place, managers may not be held accountable for managing employee performance. This can lead to inconsistencies and favoritism, causing resentment among employees and ultimately resulting in decreased morale and productivity.

Why did we want to focus on performance improvement?

AllVoices' Performance Improvement (PI) was designed to address common pain points related to employee performance in organizations.

We understand the disconnect between HR and managers when it comes to communicating and documenting performance issues, leading to negative experiences for employees during Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) conversations.

Our PI program bridges this gap by providing a clear and consistent process for addressing performance issues, including regular check-ins, documented performance goals, and ongoing feedback.

By focusing on performance management pain points, our program can create a more positive and supportive work environment, where employees feel valued and supported in their growth and development. Implementing our PI program can improve employee performance and create a culture of continuous improvement and growth in your organization.

Partner with AllVoices today and take the first step towards a more effective and supportive performance management process.

Use AllVoices Performance Improvement Today!

AllVoices' Performance Improvement tool allows organizations to centralize, track, and manage performance improvement workflows all in one place.

By utilizing this tool, organizations can ensure a fair and equitable process for performance improvement by setting clear expectations, identifying performance gaps, and establishing a plan for improvement. Schedule a call with us to learn more.

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